Odd wooden design object is a table, stool, lamp, or sculpture in one

Yankodesign_ When we choose furniture, we probably do so for their primary purpose, like a chair for sitting, a table for placing things on, a bed for sleeping, etc. But we also see some pieces that can serve more than one purpose and this is particularly useful for those that either have a small space or need something that’s portable and multi-purpose at the same time. It’s also an added bonus if the piece is well designed enough that it can also have a decorative purpose.

Designer: Kosmos Architects

You can say that this latest creation from Zurich-based Kosmos Architects fits all those categories. They were inspired by the idea of the different numbers and dots on the dice and this became the core aspect of the design. The Dice as they called it, looks nothing like the square piece but is instead a four-in-one piece of portable furniture. It’s a stool, coffee table, leg bench, and a lamp in one. How it turns into each of these four furniture typologies depends on how you turn it, hence the dice inspiration.

When you put the flat surface on top, whether it’s the round or square surface, it becomes a small coffee table that can hold your drinks, books, or any objects that can fit onto it. The flat surfaces can also serve as the seat if you wish to use it as a chair. The two legs serve as the support so you don’t topple over or the items you placed on the table don’t fall because it’s wobbly. The other part of The Dice is the lamp which has a hollow inside and a frosted glass for protection.

This weirdly shaped piece of furniture is light enough that you can hang it if you just want to use it as a lamp. It can even fit into a huge tote bag if you need to carry it around. It uses oak wood as its main material and its 3D-shape was made through KUKA robotics technology. If you don’t want to use any of its functional properties, you can just place it in your space and it would look like a piece of wooden sculpture.