Excursion in Khosrow and Shirin series by Iraj Eskandari

By Fatemehsadat Abdollahzadehhoseini

I remember, since I have been trying to find my ideal space to live, I have searched for windows in front of trees, look like trees have been painted by Eskandari.

I have thought about where I can find them? In which city? In which street? Or in which neighborhood?

I have been searching for them until now and comparing all trees with them.

I have thought if I find this window, the light will be dancing among leaves and come inside through the window to lie down on carpets pattern, and cuddling it calmly, gently, and alertly.

Each Corner of the house with this kind of window has a story to tell about love.

Range from Small to large forms, simple surfaces, and textures in front of the audience as if it is singing an individual song and seeking lost space in the industrial world.

When the artwork shows the aspect of life despite the fact that it doesn’t exist in reality, helps the audience to analyze their sentiment. They can achieve balance by taking pleasure in watching pleasant space.

When we have far from time and place for moments by watching the artwork it could indicate some lost aspect of our soul.

An artist saying how we can get pleasure from peace and quiet without complication through flat surfaces and no use of lights, shadows, and minimum color

Mixing positive and negative space is a symbol of the life cycle, as we have experienced both unhappiness and happiness following each other during life. Painter considers it as a part of the nature of creation.

Circles have been painted at the top of the painting convey a sense of weightlessness to the picture.

In the middle of the artwork, we can see the poem of Shafiei Kadkani which says about calmness, serenity, and peace.

Painter misses all these emotions and surprisingly finds it as a myth, like the story of Khosrow and Shirin.

Each form turns into a symbol around the world although diverse forms have been used. Their correlation between background and content causes cohesion.

We can say the artist has a visual dictionary in his mind and chooses ingredients that are related to his temperament as if he shows to the audience a sense of being alive.