TIMELESS LIGHT Residency Call for Artists

It is a program operating in the fields of Higher Education, Arts, Sciences , Research.

As part of the Ionion Center the residency program has Global and innovative network and vision , which attracts and attends the higher standard creative and academic requirements of prestigious Artists, Scientists, Researchers, Higher Education Institutions & Activists from all over the World.

The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture through its operation in both the academic and artistic sectors is committed- and thus known- for its expertise to connecting Greece with the International Art’s Community through a cutting edge innovative and distinctive programs in arts, art’s education and related sciences .The program is also working on the sustainability and protection of the Natural and Cultural Environment.

The residency program is open, international, running all year, supporting/advancing high level artistic- scientific research and creation projects. It is inviting artists and scientists, curators, art factors , universities and art’s institutions from around the world.

Aim is the exchange of Knowledge , Creation , Artistic expertise ,innovative practices and performance. It is a program establishing bridges to connecting the contemporary International Art- Sciences Forums.

The Center’s function is offering space for the advancement of the works either academic or artistic, personal or collective. It is operating in collaboration with world leading higher education institutions and academics, focusing on creation and innovation.


Education/Multi Media/Media Arts/New Technologies/ Digital Arts/Visual Arts/ Performing Arts/Dance/ Music/ Literary Arts/ Applied Arts/ Curatorial projects

Acceptable are projects on all disciplines, included Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Music, Literary Arts, New Technologies, advanced Academic Study and Research, Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Art History, Classic Studies, Poetry, Literature and Philosophy, Art Preservation – Restoration, Protection of the Natural Environment and the Cultural Heritage.

Activities supported listed as follow: Exhibitions, Conferences, Workshops, Master Classes, Semester and year abroad academic programs, Summer courses, Faculty led programs, Field studies, Seminars, Academic Research, Social involvement programs ,Extended Exhibitions, Arts and Sciences Forums.

The Residency Program and the Grants of the Ionion Center

FOR Grants Available information here: https://ionionartscenter.gr/announcements-grants/

Eligible for the grants are all the projects formally participating in the above programs.

Application information

Web Application form :http://goo.gl/forms/q2f8aD9uzk

Email Application: info@ionionartscenter.gr

In the basic selection criteria for the residency program and also for the grants are included as essential -beyond the professional skills- the formality of the process and the responsibility of the applicants.

Evaluation and Selection Committee-depend on the program- is the Curatorial Team and Members of the Academic and Administrative Team of the Ionion Center. The projects selection and acceptance is based on the establishment of strong international projects with Global focus.

Additional info :info@ ionionartscenter.gr

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