Open call for semi-directed residency in Sweden

The call is open from June 6 to July 15th.

Residency period starts September 4th 2023.

The program is set where the forest meets the sea. Walking as practice is something that has been embedded in our program since the start. The open call explores walking as practice for artists.

WALKING AS PRACTICE is a process-based residency, where we delve into each others’ knowledges and things we encounter together on the island.

Interventions weave across different registers of time and site. The focus is on how walking is interlocked in our practices. Fieldworks and seminars are jointly done to locate and entangle structures, narratives and forces. We believe in a safe and friendly attitude as part of the art scene we share.

BKN fosters a peer-based environment: “thinking together, learning together” - a resource and semi public forum to explore and experiment. Jointly we form a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature towards critical and poetic explorations, influenced by the immediate surroundings; the forest, lakes, sea and people living in the rural area.

Program dissemination will be in an online format and a series of open studios/walks as engagement with the local community.

Duration of residency

As the application opens in June there will be an option of participating one or two months in the program (1-3 studios/artists) two week sessions in 1-2 studios ie up to 16 artists for the duration of the two months.

Residency Artists 2 months:

one artist, September and October

Residency Artists 1 month:

one artist, September, 1 artist October

Residency Artists 2 weeks:

several sessions, September and October

Details in application form.


if you want to come for a day or two and share something specific.
Send a proposal to

In August we will have 1-3 video based meetings to jointly carve out what we want the residency period to be like.

Program is design by artist/curator Anna Viola Hallberg in collaboration with artist/choreographer Ami Skånberg and the video sessions in August. Skånberg and Halberg co-produced a workshop “Walking is also space” forEmpathetic Trails: Sustainable Relations in Contested Territories, April 16-19 2023 in Korpo, Finland arranged by One by Walking platform (

Keywords: walking, asymmetry, entanglement, beyond violence, not-knowing, desire, nature, responsibility, deep listening, close seeing, territory, contested sites


This call is open for artists with a walking practice as part of the work they produce. Artists who would like to share and explore what “Walking as Practice” can apply. In addition to basecamp studio (indoors & outdoors) a screening room is available (4k projector, media server, speakers) also mini 4k video kit (cam, light, sound equipment).
BKN is located in two former school buildings total area of 600 square meters. Each artist has a private studio Shared spaces indoors and outdoors


In the private studio. With desks, bookshelf armchair/sofa they all hold a bed. Shared: kitchen (basic equipment) 2 stoves with oven, 2 refrigerators/freezers, toilets, 2 showers

Fees and support

BKN provides the artists in the program with studio and accommodation. We are happy to write letters of support/invitations for each participant to arrange their own additional funding. It might be that we can offer some additional support towards transportation (BKN has a grant application pending)

Expectations towards the artist

1-3 video sessions in August. Actively join walks and program Sept & Oct. Be part of the online presentation of the discovery/dissemination of the program (text, video, audio files, photographs, drawings etc), taking place through out the residency. Notes, images etc will generate a presentation of what we have done during Sept-Oct.

Walking in the area Väddö

We will focus on walks on Björkö but for some sessions we will go to Grisslehamn. Here Roslagsleden (The Trail of Roslagen) and no less than four pilgrim routes meet. On Björkö three are few trails so part of the program is to define some good ones. With this said there are some historic walks suggested by the local heritage association.

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