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Residency in Finland

The international Nelimarkka Residence, part of the Nelimarkka Museum, operates in Eero Nelimarkka’s old summer villa, Villa Nelimarkka, which is located about 500 m from the Nelimarkka Museum building.

Application for The Nelimarkka Residency is open once a year to Finnish and foreign artists from various fields of art.

Residency Space

Villa Nelimarkka has a large yard and the upstairs was designed specifically as a studio space. The villa has two bright work spaces and two bedrooms. There are two options: a separate bedroom with open studio space or a studio combined with a bedroom. Both of the studios and bedrooms are located upstairs. The residence is equipped with linen, kitchenware, bicycle, laundry facilities at the Nelimarkka Museum and Wi-Fi.


The rent is 400 €/month or 200 €/month and a workshop for the Museum.

The artist pays for their own material, living and travel expenses. If desired, the artist can provide a workshop for museum clients. The museum provides the materials for the workshop. The workshop is always agreed upon separately.

During the summer, the residence also serves as an exhibition and event venue, and occasional events may be held on the ground floor of the villa at other times as well.

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