Sikkema Jenkins & Co. opens a solo exhibition of new paintings by Luiz Zerbini

artdaily_NEW YORK, NY.-Sikkema Jenkins & Co. is presenting a solo exhibition of new paintings by Luiz Zerbini, on view at the gallery from September 6 through October 13, 2018. This is the artist’s second show at the gallery.

Luiz Zerbini is among Brazil’s most prominent living artists. His wide-ranging practice includes sculpture, collage, installation, prints, and even music compositions and sound pieces as a member of the noise band Chelpa Ferro, but he is best known for his colorful works on canvas which range from abstract paintings through to landscapes, cityscapes, and domestic scenes.

The present exhibition features a mostly abstract body of work, in which Zerbini, a constant innovator, continues to experiment with painting techniques resulting in novel visual effects. While maintaining the modernist grid (a characteristic of his abstract work) as an organizing principal, Zerbini introduces new circular geometries in works like Vênus and the large-scale painting, Macaé. The linear and curvilinear areas overlap and intersect resulting in complex forms filled with vivid color and texture. In Doce Rio Zerbini uses a similar combination of geometry but to different ends. Here he has painted stalks of bamboo growing from the intersection of grid lines around which a series of circles radiate as if ripples in water.

Luiz Zerbini, born in São Paulo in 1959, currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He has had a series of retrospective exhibitions at Galpão Fortes Vilaca, São Paulo, Brazil (2015); Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro (2014); Instituto Inhotim, Minas Gerais (2013) and the Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro (2012). He took part in the Biennials of São Paulo (2010, 1987), Mercosul (2001), Havana (2000) and Cuenca (1996). As a member of Chelpa Ferro, he also participated in the 25th and 26th Biennials of São Paulo. South London Gallery recently presented Intuitive Ratio, Zerbini’s first institutional solo exhibition on the UK.