10 Millionth Visitor to Rijksmuseum Is Granted Private Evening With Rembrandt`s "The Night Watch"

Mymodernmet_ Have you ever wished you could have a private viewing of your favorite painting? One lucky man named Stefan Kasper in the Netherlands was granted that opportunity and more when he became the 1o millionth visitor to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. He was granted his very own night at the museum, including a dinner and bed underneath Rembrandt‘s masterpiece The Night Watch.

This incredible event occurred in 2017. It was business as usual at the Rijksmuseum until Kasper had his ticket scanned and came up as the 10 millionth guest. He was immediately presented with a special ceremony, where an official of the Rijksmuseum explained what was in store for him. After the museum closed for the day, Kasper was allowed his own private evening with Rembrandt's painting, and many other famous works of art.

The Rijksmuseum put together a short video that shows Kasper enjoying rooms of treasured works of art to himself. He enjoys a dinner and wine surrounded by the gallery, brushes his teeth and makes a phone call to family, before finally tucking into the bed laid out under The Night Watch. It was surely a museum experience unlike any other.

Rembrandt, “The Night Watch,” oil on canvas, 1642.