Daniel Arsham`s Dual Exhibitions Celebrate 20-Year Relationship With Perrotin

Mymodernmet_ Artist Daniel Arsham and French gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin are celebrating 20 years of collaboration with a dual exhibition in New York and Paris. For the occasion, Arsham has debuted pieces that draw on his artistic evolution over the past two decades. 20 Years is a wonderful homage to Arsham's career, which sees him transforming cultural objects into slowly eroding archeological artifacts.

Present in both the Paris and New York shows at Perrotin are his signature eroded sculptures. For the occasion, he's included a new collaboration with Star Wars, with both R2-D2 and C-3PO featuring in the installation. But Arsham doesn't just draw from pop culture. Updated interpretations of Renaissance sculpture are sprinkled throughout the shows, both in the form of sculptures, drawings, and paintings.

In fact, 20 Years is a return to painting for Arsham, which was his early primary medium. It was a deliberate choice for the artist, as he mused on his 20-year relationship with Perrotin.

“I’ve been taking stock of the journey I’ve been on,” shares the artist. “I began as a painter, and many of the first exhibitions that I made with Emmanuel lived in this medium. As my interests and material palette have expanded, the gallery has supported my work across mediums, disciplines, and continents. I’m excited to unveil this new body of work which furthers my study of time dislocation and the integration of all my myriad interests.”

For Perrotin, who met Arsham when he was a 22-year-old emerging talent, it has been a pleasure to watch the American artist thrive. “Daniel’s practice breaks the boundaries of fine art and exists across industries,” Perrotin says. “As his success has grown, he has been able to keep his practice open to a broad audience, as a leader in editions, collaborations, and a widespread internet presence, which is admirable.”

20 Years both honors Arsham's career and the relationship between artist and gallerist. In fact, the longevity of this relationship is a tribute to both parties and shows that, when done correctly, the gallerist-artist connection is still a force to be reckoned with.

Daniel Arsham's 20 Years is on show at Perrotin Paris until October 7 and at Perrotin New York until October 14, 2023.