Coolnvintage taps ana malta to turn 1966 land rover`s roof into artwork of forestry and fauna

Designboom_ Coolnvintage has partnered with Ana Malta to re-imagine its 1966 Land Rover Series 2A. Upon seeing the vintage off-road vehicle, the Portuguese artist turns her attention to its roof, using it as her canvas for the renovation. She squeezes oil paint from tubes onto her palette, clutching a brush in her other hand as she ascends a ladder to begin painting. Layer by layer, her artwork unfolds, revealing lush forests and foliage, a direct homage to nature and the cool green shade of the 1996 Coolnvintage Land Rover.

Finding contrasts in harmony offers a way to understand Ana Malta’s artwork on the 1966 Coolnvintage Land Rover Series 2A. While painting, she explains the roots of her artistic approach in the video with Coolnvintage. Her artwork combines a rough but structured appearance, a seemingly chaotic environment with specks of solid images to focus on, a variety of shades alongside stark hues, and a vision of nature within a booming world of skyscrapers.

Upon closer inspection of Ana Malta’s artwork, elements and symbols of nature, flora, and fauna subtly present themselves. The old tarpaulin roof of the 1966 Coolnvintage Land Rover Series 2A was stripped of its classic material to make way for a crouching tiger hidden among foliage. There are a few sightings of turtles or coiled snakes embodying the shades of citrus fruits, ghostly toucans pecking branches and remnants of leaves on dying trees emerge, and thunderous markings slice through the lush and dense growth of life-sized green grass.

This is not the first time a vintage Land Rover has been turned into an art canvas, as Coolnvintage previously entrusted the Land Rover Defender 110 V8 to the artistic hands of Portuguese artist Vasco Costa five years ago. However, it may be the first time that the resulting artwork notably evokes the spirit of nature.

‘We are honored to have Ana Malta’s unique artistic expression grace one of our Land Rovers, transforming a functional vehicle into a moving artwork. This reminds us that art can be found in the most unexpected places, celebrating harmony within chaos, the beauty in imperfection, and magic,’says Riccardo Pessoa, the founder and CEO of Coolnvintage.