Damien hirst`s "the weight of things" explores the interplay of science, life & death at MUCA

Designboom_ The Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) presents The Weight of Things, a colorful solo exhibition by artist Damien Hirst, marking his first-ever exhibition in Germany. Running until January 28, 2024, this extensive survey delves into over 40 works spanning Hirst’s career, exploring the intricate connections between science, life, and death. Within The Weight of Things, a diverse collection of installations, sculptures, and paintings, including some previously unseen pieces, takes center stage. Visitors can explore Hirst’s most iconic series, including Natural History with its formaldehyde sculptures, the Spin Paintings, Medicine Cabinets, and Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. Also on display are the delicate Cherry Blossoms and spot and butterfly paintings.

The exhibition at MUCA not only provides a unique window into Hirst’s vast oeuvre but also traces the development of his renowned themes. Throughout his career, the artist has explored the intricate relationships between beauty, religion, science, life, and death. His journey began in 1988 in London when he organized the Freeze group exhibition during his second year at Goldsmiths, contributing to a new wave of British artists who would go on to make significant contributions to contemporary art. One of the highlights featured in this exhibition is For the Love of God (2007), a celebrated platinum cast of a human skull adorned with a staggering 8,601 diamonds. Since its debut in 2007, this iconic artwork has become a widely recognized symbol of contemporary art.

Visitors to MUCA will also have the opportunity to view Hirst’s sculpture Legend (2011), situated at the front of the museum, and an expansive spot painting on MUCA’s Giant Wall.Christian Utz, Founder of MUCA, comments:‘Damien Hirst is one of the world’s most influential artists, his work has transformed the contemporary art world and ignited the imagination of a generation. We are delighted to welcome him to Munich and to give this important and exciting exhibition its debut at MUCA.’In response, Damien Hirst shares his enthusiasm, stating,I’m so happy and excited to be invited by Christian and Stephanie Utz to put on this exhibition, The Weight of Things, in Munich, where I have the opportunity to show many of my earlier works through to my later series like works from Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. And a giant new outdoor spot painting that will be visible from all over the city.’