Golnaz Golrokhiansani`s afflictions of life series

Afflictions of life

In my journey as an artist, I find myself in two seemingly different worlds . The world of a dentist and a painter. In contrast to conventional artistic paths, my move into the realm of painting began without academic training; And my paintings emerge from a sensory exploration, each line and colour chosen without the strictness of formal training.

In the "afflictions of life" series, each piece deals with a distinct aspect of the human lived experience in facing challenges. The unifying element in all my designs is the presence of an observer, who gives life to the narratives. For me, these paintings are not just compositions of visual elements, but living beings, like friends who accompany me in different aspects of life.

The design, colour and story are the result of the coexistence of my life experiences and the characters in the canvas. My goal is to create meaning beyond the visual elements, to create a delicate balance between positive and negative spaces, and to guide the viewer's eye within the scope of the artwork. The result is a visual composition that invites the audience to ponder and think about the meaning and invites them to a world where art and life come together seamlessly.

Ultimately, my paintings are more than a reflection of my experiences. They are a representation of my understanding of the world. In this symbiosis, actions and reactions are intertwined and blur the boundaries between the observer and the effect. and invite viewers to contemplate the intricate dance of universe that is encapsulated in each brush stroke.


2010-2017, DDS (Doctor of Dentistry), Medical Science Department, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran., (GPA 15.25 out of 20.0)
2005-2009, Diploma, Farzanegan High School, National Organization for Development
of Exceptional Talents, Sabzevar, Iran. (GPA 17.68 out of 20.0)


2017-2019 Organizer of 2 student music festivals, Iran.
2016-2019 Organizer of 3 consecutive student painting festivals, Iran.
2015, Fifth place in the group of student olympiads in the field of artificial intelligence (application of artificial intelligence in designing games or applications in the field of self-care), Iran.
2006, First place in the country of children's painting competitions, Iran.
1998, First place in Razavi Khorasan Province and third place in Iran, children's painting competitions, Iran.


2020, Presentation of 3 works of art in the field of graphics and coloured pencils at the Independent Event of Hamburg Engineering Students, Germany.
Work experience
2016 to 2021, painting training, Mahak, Mashhad, Iran